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People have a lot of feelings about K-Pop. For some, it’s the fuel that makes life worth living and for others it’s one of the most damning things someone can indulge in. However I’m sure most people have had at least a little exposure to the genre.

I never really took more than a cursory look until now though! So this is my attempt at a crash course in modern all-girl k-pop. The boybands I’ll save for another episode.

If you immerse yourself in the cotton candy & glittery glamour of the whole thing you’ll almost certainly find yourself at least tapping your foot. The songs are absolutely infectious and the masterminds who develop this music know exactly what they’re doing.

That’s not to say there isn’t some questionable stuff here. The relience on very traditional themes of heteronormative romance and the general manufactured look of the whole operation don’t do much for me. The repetitious nature of the genre can also wear you down but hey... At least you’ll be smiling by the end?