STML 🎢 is my personal project to create varied and vibrant playlists to help myself and others discover, enjoy and discuss great music.

I’m hoping to cultivate our collective love of music without getting pretentious about what we can actually enjoy. You can expect to see everything from mind-bending prog-metal 🀘 to bubblegum sweet k-pop 🍭.

Playlists are themed around particular vibes (Crying At The Party), genres (K-Pop 101) and even highlighted artists (Spotlight: Kid Cudi). There are plenty of places you can find playlists online today but I'm aiming for quality, personality, diversity and creativity... Not just another "Chill af".



I’m always aiming to push my boundaries and try my best to enjoy everything. If you think I’m treating anything unfairly or missing out, consider supporting me on Patreon πŸ™ and we can work together to create the greatest playlists on earth 🌎. Or something.